Friday, February 18, 2011

And I thought Intervals were bad...

Now I know my father-in-law is trying to kill me! Fartleks...much worse than intervals, in my opinion. Yes, it's great to run all out, but the 5th, 6th, 10th time you do it...not so fun.

This workout was two miles of warm up followed by 10, yes that's T-E-N(!!!), Fartleks of all out running for 30 seconds followed by a 2:00 minute recovery. I then ran the remaining .78 miles back to the house.

And then I cried like a little baby. Ok, maybe I didn't cry, but I did make a big racket with my groaning and coughing.

Now, you could do the math and figure out my top sustained speed for one of those fartleks, but then I couldn't brag about it.

10.1 mph! That's a 5:56 min/mile pace! Of course, I only held it for 30 seconds, but still I'm quite pleased with myself.

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS (to quote my late Nana); 60 degrees, sunny, a little wind, but not too bad. Shorts and a tee-shirt were the order of the day, and I wore a baseball hat for the first time on a run. I don't wear many hats, but I like the fact that all that sweat that usually comes down into my eyes got soaked up into the brim of the hat.

Yeah, I know, you could have done without that last visual...


Ro said...

Don't you put me to shame? Guess I should try a few of those if I'm going to get in shape for my big comeback run March 5. Same date as your first 10k isn't it?

Rusty said...

Well, you're married to my coach, so maybe you should ask him for some tips! Ha ha.

And, yes, my first 10K is Mar. 5th; I'm pretty sure I can break one hour.