Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Treadmill run...sigh

Last night, we did legs & abs on our strength training, so today, I decided to do a recovery run. I'm not really sure how everyone else defines a recovery run, but I thought that if I started slow and then picked it up each mile, it would qualify.

The nice thing about treadmills is that you can set a pace and keep it (or fall off the back, smash your head into the tread, and get some nice skid marks down the middle of your face...I'll keep up, thank you very much.) The not so nice thing about treadmills, or at least the ones at the gym, is one sets the pace in mph. I would much rather input min/mile; at least once the pace is set in, the screen does eventually scroll min/mile as one of the pieces of information.

So, after doing some mental math, I set the treadmill for 5 mph for the first mile (12 min/mile), 5.5 mph for the second mile (10:54 min/mile), 6.0 mph for the third mile (10:00 min/mile), and finally, 6.5 mph for the last mile (9:13 min/mile.)

To tell the truth, this was a fairly easy run for me. The slow start allowed me to work out the kinks and soreness from last night, and by the time I hit the 4th mile, I was loosened up, in the zone, and comfortable.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a three miler, but if the weather is nice, I might do more as my one mile loop is still socked in with ice, it leaves my two mile loop open, which would dictate a 2 or 4 mile run. Or, just run .75 in one direction and turn around. Hey, that sounds like an excellent idea!

My brain...sometimes it werkz!

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