Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I didn't expect to chop more than 3 minutes off my time! I was shooting for a 33:00, and just ran what was comfortable. Ok, well, it wasn't really comfortable, and I knew I was pushing it a bit...

Eventually, I know I'll stop hitting Personal Records (PR) every run, but for now, it's nice to see the improvement not to mention the motivation it provides.

My F-I-L has recommended that I continue my speed work (timed mile + fartleks) on Saturday, so I'll be doing that this Saturday as well as the next.

Just a program note, I've stopped counting my walking mileage, so the MPH, Min/Mile, and MPM are all based on my running time and Run Miles.

And finally, anyone have tips regarding Excel and time formatting? I've tried formatting my time cells with Hour:Minute:Second, but for some reason, the program likes throwing AM on there and treating it like a time of day instead of just a time. Once I go over an hour in a run, I'll have some serious issues with my formulas and calculations. Any insight that you all can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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