Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 11th run

This was my attempt at running a mile without walking; the Run cell reflects 11:04, but instead of my intended mile, when I mapped out my actual run, it turned out to be 1.09 miles.

The Minutes/mile cell reflects the total mileage; for the mile I averaged 10.09 minutes/mile.

With this run, and on the advice from my coach (haha, my father-in-law the marathoner), I've decided to shelve the gradual increments in running and convert to just two or three intervals consisting of alternating walking and running.

I'll probably start out tomorrow with a brisk .22 mile walk to the 1.09 mile loop, run the mile, then walk until I've recovered, and attempt to run the remainder of the second measured mile. I'll then walk .22 miles back to my house. This should be a total of around 2.62 miles.

As I start to feel comfortable with this routine (hopefully on Wed or Fri), I'll try to stretch out the first running session beyond the initial measured mile.

I do plan on sticking with 2.62 miles for each of my runs this week and increasing to either 2.8 or 3.1 miles next week depending on my progress.

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