Friday, September 3, 2010


There it is; my week's worth of running. I didn't mean to do the extra .06 miles, but for some reason, I didn't feel like running back to the house to get the exact mileage, so I made it up during the route.

I was wondering why my time was actually slower than on Wed, but after getting to work, I went over to and plotted out what I did run. Voila! 2.06 miles. Yay on me...

I thought that I would be clock watching for the end of 3 minutes, but being mindful of that, I was determined to not do it, but rather, I ran and ran and ran until the chime said to stop. It turned out to not be the longest three minutes of my life either! Hmmm.....

I'm sticking with my plan to increase my mileage on Monday (here's my scheduled 2.3 mile run.)

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