Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marked Improvement

Here's how my run this morning compares to the same course run on last Saturday; pretty impressive, eh? (if I do say so myself *breaks arm while patting himself on the back*)

The main focus of last Saturday's run and this Saturday's run is the timed mile (or in my case, the timed 1.09 mile.), so I'm not worried about the warm up/cool down walking time.

I started the run at a pretty good clip - one that I hadn't run at before. In fact, through all of this training, this is the first time that I've really felt like I was running, not just jogging.

At the end of the run, I was very winded - huffing, puffing, all that jazz. I was tempted several times during the run to walk for a bit and had to motivate myself to continue at the "break neck" pace that I started.

Here's my workout from Mapmyrun that includes my route.

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