Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another awesome run in the rain

About three and a half miles of this was in the rain, which was pretty heavy at times.  It. Was. Glorious!!

Now this brings to mind another down side to running on the hamster wheel: You can't run in the rain indoors.  Well, that's not exactly true.  I suppose, if you run in a gym or an area with a fire sprinkler system, you could always light off a torch and place it near the fire sensor.  I don't suggest this as the legal hassles can follow you for years.

Another, more practical way to run in the rain indoors is to hook up your garden hose to the outside spigot, attach a sprinkler to it, and place the sprinkler by the treadmill.  All you have to do then is turn on the water at the spigot and crank up the treadmill! 

You will have to make sure that you cover the electronics part of your hamster wheel with plastic to protect it, and you will also have to make sure that your spouse doesn't get wind of your plan or it will come to a screeching halt.  Yeah, the latter one derailed me...

So, you may have noticed...I skipped yesterday.  No good excuse; I came home and decided to just lay down for a little bit and ended up dozing off.  When I awoke, I had missed my window to run.  I wasn't too broken up by it.

Today's run was supposed to happen yesterday, and I was supposed to run 7 miles @ 10:30 pace today.  For those of you looking for marching orders, there you go.

Tomorrow: 3 miles @ 10:30 pace (if I feel like it)

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