Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reckon I'll need a /ginvite

I like hunters for the gathering professions. I also like to pair up the complementary professions on a single toon instead of splitting them up.

So, instead of jackin' around with my current 'toon's professions, I made a Draenai Hunter Herbalist/Alchemist. Smoochie is 10 and will get her PuddyTat today after work.

The plan is to balance her and DV's rest xp to make the most of it, but we'll see. As always, the new toon is like a breath of fresh air and motivation to play her is high. Whereas the older toon is in a harder area, and the grind is a bit more daunting. Add to that the desire to level my Herb/Alch and poor DV gets extra drinking time in the inn. /shrug.

Oh, and yes....this one is definitely an alt.....

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