Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Leveling in Outlands

Yesterday, DV hit the big six three. I'm trying to do several things, regarding rep grinds, with him to make end game easier but have to balance that with making the trip palatable as well.

So, I didn't start questing in Outlands until I was Friendly with Honor Hold; I also happened to hit 60 before I started questing.

One of the keys to easier leveling is to start the next area well before you are done with the current area. I did a number of Honor Hold quests, and when they started to get to the more difficult ones that involved lvl 61 & 62 mobs, I ran over to Zangarmarsh to pick up the lower level quests there.

I had collected quite a number of plant parts, so DV was able to hit Honored with CE right off the bat. And, for some reason, a level 61 in Zangar seems to be easier to kill than a level 61 in Hellfire, so the quests in the marsh seemed to go quicker than their counterparts in the peninsula.

At level 62, I ventured into Terokkar Forest to investigate what was going on with the druids. I completed all of the quest chain up to getting the box from Tuurem.

So, that made three active zones that I had quests in that were all appropriate level. I don't know about you, but I think that Oldlands trains a person to finish a zone before moving on. Ok, that might just be my hang up - I like to finish a zone before I move on. But, I'm finding the going much easier by seeking out the beginning quests for the next zone when the current zone's quests start getting harder - even if it means I have things to do in three different zones.

After I dinged 63, I went ahead and finished up all of my Hellfire quests (and dropped one that I really wasn't interested in). I'm back down to just Zangar and Terokkar for my current zones, but when I hit 64, I might just have to see what Nesingwary is up to....

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I am in a similar situation. Seeing how this was published in early august, I bet you're already 65+