Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For the Horde!

I logged onto my Horde toons yesterday just to see how they were doing, and I was surprised to find myself guildless. It appears that Kruel was disbanded (I couldn't find it on the armory at all). I guess that not logging in for 140 some odd days took its toll on the guild, and they couldn't handle life without me. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!

One of the reasons I logged on was that Teurion, VA, and I are thinking about leveling alts together on that server just for giggles and it helps to have a sugar daddy around (thanks Rysteranch!).

In other news, Smoochie hit 33, and one of our guild leaders quit the guild. I'm pretty sure the two aren't related because the guy quit BEFORE Smoochie dinged, so you all can stop worrying that I'm causing undue drama....again....

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Deathrender said...

Come over to Azjol!