Friday, August 22, 2008


Hmmmm....looks like BRK left AC.

Not making any implications, just noting some news.

EDIT: Got an email from Stephi. She says the Armory is acting wonky and that BRK is still part of AC. So, false alarm!


Nibuca said...

Not saying that I know anything.. but AC left raiding.

AC -> No raiding, no BRK
?? -> Raiding, BRK?

Again... not saying I know anything.


Pike said...

Armory does that sometimes, always freaks me out when I look up a good guild-friend and it says they aren't in the guild anymore =P Sometimes I've logged in to make sure it wasn't true!

Pike said...

...then again, looking at him now, he seems to be in a different guild?

Unless Armory is REALLY wonky =P