Monday, August 25, 2008

On the rise

My little alchemist turned 32 over the weekend. Smoochie doesn't care about taking her time and enjoying the ride...she has a goal of 340 alchemy. Of course that requires level 50 in order to train the Master level, so she's burning through the levels as quick as she can. Currently, both Herbalism and Alchemy are over 200, so she's sittin' pretty for level 35 and the Artisan level.

One thing that I've done differently on Smoochie is that I swapped out PuddyTats! I let go my starting level black tiger striped cat and tamed an orange one from Stranglethorn. And...Ohhhhhh, she's sooooooo purdy!

Last week (Tue/Thu) in Kara, Teurion solo tanked the entire thing! Good ole PuddyTat (Rysteranch's, not DV's or Smoochie's...) got to Growl as a Hateful Bolt soaker and Gouge recipient. Rysteranch did top the Damage meter both Tue and Thu, although he took his time getting there on Thu. He got the Fiend Slayer Boots for his troubles, oh, and a number of badges. His total is 73 (maybe 72) and is saving up for his 100 badge pants.

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