Tuesday, August 19, 2008


DV cranked out the last XP required for level 66 and has all of this level stored up in rest XP.

Smoochie finished up her starting areas and has moved on to Redridge. She's level 22. Today, after work, I believe Teurion will be running me through WC for drops. Yay!

Rysteranch went to Gruul's and Kara - had a great time, didn't get any drops. Did see Legacy, but lost the roll for it.

Daxie healed Kara on Saturday night but could only stay through Opera. No drops.

Dax and his son went to GenCon on Saturday. We saw the largest collection of geeks, nerds, and wasteoids that we've ever seen. I met up with Deathrender, and he showed me how to play Magic: The Gathering. Good times!

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