Friday, August 8, 2008

I learned'd something

I finally got around to putting a meta gem in DV's goggles. I figured I'd get at least the socket bonus (+4 agi) even if I didn't have the combination of gems for it to work.

Now, I had four gems socketed in various parts of my clothing:
2 purple
1 yellow
1 red

In order for my meta gem to work, it requires at least:
2 red
2 blue
2 yellow

So, I wasn't too surprised that when I looked at my goggles, I needed 2 yellow.....wait a minute! The reds and blues were already covered! That meant that one of the purples was being counted for both a red AND a blue! So all I had to do was replace my red one with an orange one.....yes, that's right, I could make my meta work with just 4 gems socketed!

I switched over to Daxie, cut up an orange gem (and another red one just in case my theory fell through), sent them to DV, and socketed it. Sure enough, that +12 agi/+ 3% crit gem lit up! /hampsterdance.

So, it turns out that dual color gems (orange, green, purple) count as BOTH colors for meta gem requirements, while they count as EITHER color for socket placement. Stop the presses!

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