Thursday, April 4, 2013

3X1/2 intervals

You have to look hard to see which halfs are the interval and which are the recovery, but I have confidence in you, my gentle readers, that you can decipher which is which.

I didn't mean to run them that fast, but I found it kinda hard to hit the 8:20 pace.  I didn't have issues slowing down from what I was running, but every time I did try to temper the pace, I'd hit the 'too slow alarm' that I set for 8:40.  I'm sure I'll get another chance in this training session to get it right.

Today was sunny and mid 50's!  Yay, spring is finally here in Indiana!  Of course, if I were still in Alaska, I'd have to wait another month for this, so I am grateful once again, that spring has arrived a month early!

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