Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Toughening up

Mile    .25 0:02:18
0.2 0:03:25
0.3 0:02:45
0.1 0:01:43
0.15 0:01:23
Time 0:11:34
Miles 1
Min/mile 0:11:34
Schedule 1 miles

During the day I spaced out 23 flights of stairs. After dinner, I walked a mile with Brandy and Meesha. And an hour later, I ran/walked. I should sleep good tonight.

I like my paces for my run portions -around 9:00 min/mile. I'm trying to shorten up my walk breaks, so look for them to disappear sometime in the near future.

I have two races I'm looking at to keep me motivated. One is on Sept 12th, so I need to stay focused if I'm going to have the endurance to run the whole thing. The other is Oct 17th and includes a long downhill at the start and a long uphill for the last mile or so. I might need to do some hill training somewhere.

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