Monday, August 17, 2015

A change to the schedule?

Mile    .25 0:02:24
0.25 0:04:16
0.25 0:02:18
0.15 0:02:33
0.1 0:00:55
Time 0:12:26
Miles 1
Min/mile 0:12:26
Schedule 1 miles

Yeah, so, I'm sure you've all figured out that I didn't really run a mile. I ran a half mile and walked a half mile. Oh, and I split that half mile I ran with a quarter mile walk.  Aaaaaand I counted that quarter mile cooldown.

So, when I say I ran a mile, I mean that in the weakest sense of the word. Anyways, today, I ran .6 miles with walks dispersed as shown.  The change referenced above is I was planning on walking the whole last quarter mile, but changed my mind on the fly and ran the last tenth.

Oh yeah, big changes makin' me the radical! I'll be running another mile (in the weakest sense of the word again) with all new walk breaks!  Stay tuned.

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