Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outrun the Sun 5 Mile Race

Woot! How's about dat?!

My goal was to finish under 50 minutes, and as you can see, unofficially, I did! It was stinkin' HOT TOO!!! And, we had to dodge the 5K walkers the last mile and a half, which, by the way, WAS UPHILL!!!


I'll tell you right now, not tryin' to brag or anything, just sayin', I was beast on those uphills. There were a couple of them through the course (I can email you the garmin file if you like and you can see for yourself), and without fail, I would kick it in gear and motor on up them.

I was passin' all those flatlanders...hee hee hee! I had to kick it into high gear, though, at the end just to make my goal. Too much lollygagging in the middle of the race, methinks.

Anyways, now my coach is thinking about doing the marathon in October that is run on this very same course. I'm game for it, but instead of mile number 5 being all uphill, it's going to be mile 26. That's gonna be brutal.

I'll have to check my records and see if I've run 5 miles faster than this; it doesn't really matter as this is my first 5 mile race and therefore, it qualifies as my official PR. That's the way I'm calling it, anyhow.

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