Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Faster Fartleks!

One of my goals for fartleks is to make each 30 seconds cover more than .0758 miles or 400 ft. Yes, it is a bit arbitrary, but it is also a pretty speedy pace. 400 ft (1 mile/5280 ft)/(30 sec(1 min/60 sec)(1 hr/60 min) ~~ 9 mph average. That's for the whole 30 seconds!

For this run, my top speed was 11.5 mph! Now, I did have to grab some water at the 3 mile mark, a minute after the 5th fartlek, so I got a bit of a rest before the last 5 intervals. And, this whole run was about 2.5 minutes faster than last Wed's run; I'm going to credit the cooler weather and a bit of conditioning. 8~P

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