Monday, February 3, 2014

Faster than the master!

My coach ran 5 miles today at a 9:36 pace, which for him is a super slow pace.  I mean, it's almost as if he was walking.

On the other hand, this is my once intended half-marathon race pace tempo run, so it's the fastest that I could hope to hold for 13.1 miles. Of course, I won't be trying to hold down this pace in two weeks.

BUT!  Since Michael did run today, and I did run today, I can totally blow the two runs out of context and brag that I was faster than the master for once in my life.  It will probably never happen again, but I'll always have Feb 3, 2014 to cherish in my heart.  sigh.


Schedule 2 @ 10:02
  1 @ 7:45
  1 @ 10:02
  2 X 1/4

in 1:49

1 @ 10:02
400 recovery after each interval

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