Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daytona Beach Half Marathon

The race wasn't pretty, and I did not train for the large hill in the form of a bridge at mile 6 and again at 8.  I stopped around miles 10 and 11 to stretch and relieve myself, so my official time was 2:15:16.

I know I didn't get enough sleep as I took advantage of going to the Sprint Unlimited race the night before; I got to bed around 11 pm and got up around 4:30.  I also didn't get in all the training that I should have; I did not run at all the week before the race.

On the positives, I did beat Michael Waltrip in a race at Daytona in February, so I'll always have that to brag about.  um, yay.

Wed or Thu:
3 easy miles

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