Saturday, June 8, 2013

Outrun The Sun 5 Mile Race

My official time was 45:56; I didn't realize that the race was timed only on gun time.  By the time I figured out that I wasn't going to cross a timing mat to start, 14 seconds had passed and I started my watch. with this race!  I was hoping to beat 47:00 due to running that 47:05 the other day.  My secret hope was to beat 46:00.  My unrealistic dream was to beat 45:00 and win the race.  That last one didn't happen, BTW.

Tuxedo Brothers don't have the official results on the web yet, but I think I placed around 137th overall and around 13th in my age group.  Not sure on the totals for either of those categories.  I'll post them later.  If you are extremely interested, go to\results.html and scroll down until you see Rusty Mills.  I'm sure they will not mind you refreshing the page a thousand times a minute until they finally post the results.  Good luck with that.

More to come!

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