Saturday, June 22, 2013

Carefree Crocodile 5K

This is a PR.

I also seemed to run a short course.

My last PR was 26:42 on a 3.03 mile course. (I just got back from doing the research.)

I feel great!  I was feeling iffy since the course was a tad short, but it looks like my PR was on a shorter course!  This course was much hillier than the course two years ago, so yay on me!

This was an old school race: no chips.  At each mile, someone called out our times, and at the end, along with someone calling out the times, we got a finisher's stick with our place on it. Also, I highly doubt that there are official results on a website, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Age group (45-49): 5/7
Overall: 70/105

The total number of runners is a bit of a guess.  My neighbor, Charles, walked it, and I think he was the third from the last person at 103.  There was no breakdown of gender placement.

This next week, I need to get in twenty miles as my marathon training starts the following week with 35 miles!  So, I'll rest up Sunday, but on Monday, I need to get out and do at least three.  That's doable, don'tcha think?

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