Saturday, June 15, 2013

2 X 3 miles

I was planning on running The Meltdown this year, but my lovely wife decided that I had another race that I had to be at.  Yes, my beautiful wife bought us tickets to the night race at Bristol!  She loves me, she really does!

uh, anyways, where was I?  Oh, so, I won't be running the three 5K's in one day, so I decided to do 2 X 3 miles in the same format. I ran the first one at 10:16 and the second one at 11:14 (close enough).

I was pleasantly surprised by my time on the second one.  I had my pace alarms set for a 9:15 pace, but decided to run at a slightly uncomfortable, but maintainable pace.  And, yes, knowing that I didn't have to run another three, I did push it harder on the sixth mile than I did on the third mile...

Next Saturday is my first 5K race in quite a while (let me look that up...dang, it's been two years!), so with my recent speed gains, I'm really hoping for a new PR.  I beat my 5 mile time from two years ago by 4 minutes, so, perhaps shaving 30 seconds to a minute off my 5K time wouldn't be too ambitious...hopefully.

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