Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Whoo hoo! 5 mile run!!

Well, actually 4.5 mile run and .5 mile walk, but...5 mile run!!

Now, my old watch kept track of the miles regardless of laps, so I would have a three mile time as well as my lap time. This one doesn't appear to do that, so it counts the mile from the last lap. I'd rather it be the other way around, but unless I get unlazy and check out my watch further, I'll just adapt. I reckon there's certain benefits to this way.

As you can see my breakdown for this run was:
2.5 miles run
.25 miles walk
1.25 miles run
.25 miles walk
.75 miles run

I thought about shutting it down at 4 miles, but I really need to get up to six miles on Saturday, regardless of how much I have to walk. So, I pushed this run to 5 and will run 4 or 5 on Friday, then hopefully 6 on Saturday.

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