Monday, July 4, 2016

72° + 87% humidity = YUCK!

Yeah, so, it really wasn't the heat; 72° is pretty nice, but 87% gummidity is just icky. Yes, that's right, I just invented a new word: gummidity. It's gummy humidity. You may start using it right away; you're welcome.

Even given the hellish environment, I managed to do better than Saturday timewise. I also ran the first 2.25 miles without a break. I wanted to do the first 2.5, but the gumminess got me. So, my walk breaks were:
2.25 miles run
.25 walk
.75 run
.25 walk
.5 run

Hopefully, Wednesday, I'll be able to hit that 2.5 miles straight and make it to 3 miles (or 3.1 as I'll probably do) on Thursday or Saturday.

On a different note, I prepared raw fish for lunch today and didn't die! Here's the recipe I used. I added the same quantity of cubed mangoes as avocado. I made a half batch, so that would mean a half an avocado as well as a half mango.

I also made a seaweed salad with spinach subbed for the seaweed because I didn't have any seaweed. So, I guess I just made a spinach salad with this recipe.

Finally, I cracked my first coconut today (it really was a banner day!). I took the following:
4 tbsp grated fresh coconut
4 tbsp cream
4 tsp raw honey
1/4 tsp cinnamon
I threw them all into a magic bullet blender and gave it a pretty good whirl. It was delicious!

If you couldn't tell, I'm onto a new diet; well, actually, this is really the first diet that I've tried. You can read all about it at I tested out as protein type, so I'm trying to stick to the foods Dr. Mercola recommends. Of course, that'll all go out the window in will the running.

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