Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hammer Time!

Note to self: Might have to start going two columns for bike rides.

A funny thing happened on Monday; my false tooth fell out.  This event disrupted my plans for a solo ride yesterday as I had hoped to find a dentist that could stick it back in my head that morning.  I didn't, but did find a dentist that could glue it in yesterday afternoon.

Dr. Steve Mosby just moved to town two months ago, and in the course of yakking while he fixed me up, I invited him to go with me on a ride this morning.  Now, I didn't know this guy from Adam, but it turned out he was a big time cyclist back in the day.  He thought that a ride today was a great idea, even at my proposed pace of 14-15 mph.

So, today, at 6 am, we met up at my father-in-law's house and set off.  As you can see, we hammered out.  It...was...GLORIOUS!!  We were at about the same fitness level and without even discussing it, set out at a little less than comfortable pace.

The sun was shining; it was a bit cool; there was no traffic.  I don't think I could have asked for a nicer day.  Steve and I yakked a lot about biking; he is a wealth of knowledge. ( I got some good advice for when Brandy and I start on our tandem adventures.)  It was like we have known each other for years, and the whole bike ride was pure joy!

If I could upload the elevation chart, you would see why we went so fast on the way out - it was almost all down hill.  And since it was an out and back...what goes down, must come back up again.  Even at that, we maintained a comfortable pace coming back although I was pretty winded at times (Steve provided me with my excuse - It's the altitude!)  Thankfully, the last two miles were generally downhill or flat.

So, my legs are trashed, I feel exhilarated, and I made a new friend.  And all of that before 7:30 am.

That's what I call a great start to a day!

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