Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another nice ride

Same basic route, with a little variation to the first mile, which shifted the following miles a bit.  But, lets just say for arguments sake that they're all equivalent so I can feel good about myself.

So, with that (blatently false) assumption in hand, every mile but the first and last ones were faster today.  I had a couple of more stops for lights today, but over all, I just felt stronger.  I also had my backpack on today with my water bladder, so maybe I also kept hydrated knowing I wouldn't run out.

My basic 10 mile route is a big "around the block" type ride that negates any wind or elevation advantage that I might have in a point to point ride.  I head south first and you can guess which way the wind was blowing from my times.  I made it up on miles 5-8 with the wind at my back.

Current temp is 90 F with a "feels like" of 95.  I didn't really feel it until I had to stop for a light; I was pretty happy to get that hot wind blowing in my face once the light turned.

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