Monday, July 16, 2012 the place I live...

...cause it sure don't feel like home!  That trip out west really got my homesick juices flowing; of course, we went to places that I lived before (Denver - aka donkeytown, and CoSprgs - aka place of my HS graduation.)

Denver was the same for me - too crowded, too far from the mountains, and too many donkey fans.  CoSprgs, on the other hand, was AWESOMESAUCE!  sigh.  WTB some mountains for Indiana!

Anyway, here's my ride from today:
The bike was in the shop while we were out west, so it's all tuned up with new top and middle gear front chain rings.  Of course, it's still a mountain bike, so, top speed still isn't that fast...and the knobbies and full suspension don't help.  8-P

My goal for this ride was twofold.  Assess my conditioning level and finish under 40 minutes.  It took me more that a moderate effort to finish under 40 and at the end I was struggling to maintain 15 mph.

I'm hoping to get out on my running schedule for these little rides.  Of course, I'd like to add mileage as my strength and wind increase, and I'd also like to go for a longer ride on Saturdays or maybe on my off Friday.  All of this is in addition to lollygag riding with my wife, which isn't too hard - 8-10 mph or so, 8-10 miles at most.

If only the dang heat would go away, I'd be set.  At least I get to create my own wind.

...a hot, steamy, melting wind...but a wind nonetheless...

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