Monday, May 21, 2012

Giest Half Marathon

There it is.  TL:DR version: 7 mins faster, heat got me around mile 11, walked but did not stop.

Ok, so I did stop to relieve myself, but I don't count that.  This course was much hillier than the 500 Festival mini.  I've always said that Indiana has two colors on the topographical map, and let me tell you, they were well represented here.

I kept a good pace for 10 miles, then the heat started to get to me.  I didn't flame out as bad as the last mini, but I still walked a bit.  Early on, I walked through some water stations on purpose so that I could get some water in me (and gatorade every other station), but as soon as I hit the last trash can, I picked up running again.

That 12th mile was mostly up hill and mostly walked.  As I approached the 12 mile marker, I started to psych myself up to run the last 1.1 miles.  I threw down my cup of ice and water and took off!  I maintained what I thought was a fairly quick pace and was somewhat disappointed to see that it was just under 12 minutes.  HA!

As I passed the 13 mile mark, I broke into a sprint and charged across the finish line.  When I stopped, my head started spinning, big time!  Thankfully, I didn't pass out or need medical attention.

I think this is going to be my last half marathon for a while, and I am definitely rethinking this whole full marathon business.  I'll focus on speed work and shorter races for the summer and maybe reevaluate come Sept; that will give me enough time to get in shape for a half marathon the first week of Nov, if it strikes my fancy.

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