Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Lept All the Way

I had to run today as we won't get another chance to run on Feb 29 for another 4 years!

It was sunny, high 50's, and very windy today. Thankfully, the wind was coming from the west and I only have short stretches of my routes that go east/west, so I didn't have to slog it out against the wind for long periods of time.

I glanced back at my Monday run and was pleasantly surprised that I bettered it. With the wind and feeling a bit worn out from work, I figured I'd be pretty slow. Guess that shows you how much I know!

As has been my routine as of late, I took Denali with me the first mile. I think she's getting used to running with me as I can give her a little slack and don't have to tug on the leash as much to get her to run alongside me.

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