Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random Thoughts are Random

I decided to cobble together a healing set for my lowby pally (44) which consisted of the heirloom leather shoulders, mail chest, trinkets(two), and healing mace, among other things. Even with some Str gear still equipped (but Holy spec'd), I was able to heal two level appropriate instances very easily.

It turns out that I've learned how to play a Holy Pally!'s fun! At least at this level. On one of the runs, the tank commented that he loved my healing.

I also picked up the Justice Point tanking sword for soloing. Yeah, I know Daxie needs gear, but...sigh, I think I hit the wall with end game for at least one day.

So, I burned off the rested XP for Daxynn and then picked up Daxen the Rogue and started getting her Leatherworking on track. My one complaint about the Worgen starting area is the dearth of skinnable mobs. I had to go grind some lowbie mobs. On the plus side, it did give me a chance to remember how to play a Rogue.

After getting my skinning and LW up to a respectable level, I went ahead and burned off a little rested XP. I dinged 15, so tonight, I believe I'll queue up for a random and burn off the remaining rested XP fairly quickly.

Gripe: Why is it that Leatherworking has so many useless items that you have to make until you can finally get a recipe that you can make to wear? I'm making Light Leather armor kits just for the skill up, and I plan on using them at least until I can make Medium Leather armor kits. But still, almost all of the beginning leather armor set is worse than what one gets through questing.

I need to get Daxie up to Honored with The Ebon School in order to buy Heirloom helms and capes. Oh, and have the cash to pick them up. Currently, I'm just shy of halfway through Friendly.

Since dual specs only cost 10 gold (10 GOLD!!), I might add a second spec to my Shaman for soloing. Any suggestions? I have Hunter Heirlooms as well as caster gear so both Elemental and Enhancement are viable.

Still planning on replacing two hunters on KT. I'm thinking of a Mage and a Warrior. I have to wait, though, as I have to delete one hunter to make room for another toon. Note to Blizz: I can haz moar slots?

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