Friday, September 2, 2011

Holy Leveling Speed, Batman!

In about two hours worth of playing yesterday, Daxie the Shadow Priest went from 80 to 81. As part of The Ebon School, a level 25 guild, I enjoyed all the associated perks including the Fast Track XP boosts.

My first priority yesterday was to start selling junk on the Auction House. I had less than 150 gold across all my toons, and I really wanted to get Oldlands flying for Daxie. So, I scanned the AH, emptied a lot of my alts' bags, and dumped it all on the AH.

The next priority was to make sure I had all of my equipment slots filled. I ended up ninjaing my Heirloom staff from my alt because I had no weapon to equip. Also, I didn't have a neck or wand equipped. Close enough 'cause I had some business with some druids over on Kalimdor.

I had completed the first couple of quests at the Hyjal starting point when my random dungeon popped. I finished about a half of a BWD before the group fell apart, and I had to start on dinner. The important part is that I could finally afford Oldlands flying!

After dinner and our workout, I hopped back on the computer, queued for another dungeon, and continued questing. I got in a full run of BWD and saved the wolf aspect of Hyjal, and ding! 81, after about 2 hours of playtime.

So, in the next hour or so, I worked my way through the Lightning shelf and first Firelands portal areas. I'm just shy of halfway through the level and should hit 82 and maybe 83 tonight.

Some random thoughts:
This is really the first clothie that I've taken through Hyjal, and I must say that there is a distinct lack of cloth quest rewards. So, it's not just BWD.

I decided to train soon after hitting 81, and I'm glad I did for Mind Spike. I am in looooove with this spell! Per my usual MO, I didn't bother to read the description, I just started using it. And then I noticed that if I cast a Mind Blast after a Mind Spike, the cast time was shorter.

Then, without meaning to, I cast a MB after casting two MS's in a row. Result: a nearly insta-cast MB! Whoa. Then I bothered to read just a little bit and saw that, indeed, MS affects MB. Oh, cool. Then I started paying attention. Yes, three MS's in a row do produce an insta-cast MB.

I still need to read and process the description because I think there's more going on than just that. It probably has something to do with a new talent point that I picked up - Evangelism. Once again, I scanned the talent description, but couldn't be bothered to really think about it.

So, for most mobs my level, two MS's + a MB = dead. Sometimes I have to finish them off with a SW:Death, but most times not.

I have killed the elite fire elemental in that first Firelands portal 3 or 4 times on different toons and have never killed it the "right" way. I guess there's some sort of floor mechanism that helps kill the dude; once again, I can't be bothered to read the quest info. He dies quick enough if I just smack him around a bit.

I now know the pain of taking epic gear that I spent literally months attaining and replacing it with some quest reward green. That has better stats than my ICC Sindragosa kill??? Oh...kay.

I really like being back riding a dragon around. I missed it. I also like having a title with my name, although, I have ditched Kingslayer for the more generic Jenkins. I don't want to be pretentious...

I have way too many hunters on this server (4). I have plans on ditching at least two of them. Don't tell Rysteranch and Smoochie. k?

That's about it. I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can get tonight and this weekend. I might even be able to hit 85 by next Tuesday!

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