Thursday, September 1, 2011

Failin' and Bailin'

Last night, I decided to venture into another Heroic on my Holy Pally. After three pulls, I realized that I was in over my head, apologized to the group, and bailed.

Here's what I've come up: I have fun healing normal instances; I get stressed out trying to heal Heroics. Normals have enough challenge to keep things interesting; Heroics present a challenge that I just don't want to deal with. At this point, raiding at any level might just be right out.

Now, after four months of essentially playing WoW as a single player game (ala Dragon Age), I also have started missing the interaction with others in the game. I sure wouldn't categorize LFG with any part of social interaction, unless it involves bullying or shunning.

So, after being frustrated at having any fun in a Heroic, I pm'd one of my son's buddies who plays on Kael'thas and asked to join his guild with one of my lowbies on KT. Daxen the Rogue (12) is now a part of Apathetic, and I'm leaning toward starting the Empire back up on the Alliance side of things.

Oh, and I logged onto Daxie and said "hello" to everyone at The Ebon School. After spending a little bit running around and figuring out where the heck everything is now with the Cata changes and catching up on guild news (they're a 10 man raiding guild now), I think I'm going to spend some time on KT for the foreseeable future.

I emptied all my Hordies mailboxes; I didn't cancel any auctions as I'll just check my bank toon on Friday to finish up the transition to storage.

Alliance side, I have a mess to deal with on my toons as I essentially gave the account to Teurion to strip of all useful items/money when I quit last year. I've got a long ways to go to get to the level of comfort that I currently enjoy on my Suramar toons.

I got no money.
I got no 85's.
I got no Cata greens.
I got no OLDLANDS FLYING!!! /weep

On the plus side,
I do have all the trade skills at 450, so I'm over all the Wrath choke points.
I do have epic flying on 5? 6? toons.
I do have awesome mounts (dragons!!) for the majority of my toons.
I do have people to interact with in The Ebon School.

Now I just have to decide which toon to start leveling. I'm tempted to grab Dwarfvader, the Hunter miner/engineer, as he can start the ore/cloth production for both Daxea, the Hunter blacksmith/enchanter and Daxie, the Priest jewelcrafter/tailor.

Vanco, the Death Knight miner/herbalist is also a viable candidate as he could gather up ore, cloth, and herbs. Daxxy, the Druid alchemist/herbalist is probably not going to be my first choice due to the lack of usable gathering skills.

There is another appealing side to cranking things up on KT: I have never (nor do I ever want to) put an account back together after a hacking, which is what I allowed (and encouraged) Teurion to do with my toons. I like the challenge of getting the pieces put back together.

Oh, and I have a little Pally (44) that I can level! I've already spec'd her for Holy and Ret, so I'll be able to practice a lot of healing while leveling and hopefully get much better at it. Hopefully...

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