Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Friday: 82
Saturday: 83 & 84
Monday: 85

Daxie, the Shadow Priest, hit the cap Monday morning, bought some PvP gear off the AH, got a generous donation of some JP boots from a guildy, and jumped into running random Heroics.

After one run, I had enough JP to upgrade my trousers; it wasn't until the 4th or so run that something finally dropped that I could use.

One of the unsung perks of being in a guild is knowledge. Almost immediately upon hitting 85, I had a guildy advise me on how to gear up for Heroics rather quickly. For instance, I didn't know there was a quest to save Thrall that rewarded an epic cape, and it was fairly easy to obtain.

Another aspect of guild knowledge is being able to go into a Heroic instance and have a guildy explain the nuances of various boss fights. Reading the strat is all well and good, but having someone break it down for you is much easier.

Now I did know there were Firelands dailies, but I didn't know that upon opening up the questing area, I'd be able to buy an epic neck piece right off the bat. I can see a clear path for all of my alts...

Speaking of which, I have settled on the Miner/Engineer Hunter Dwarfvader as my next leveling project. DV brings Mining to the table as I will need ore for Daxie to prospect and level her JC. I will not be leveling him at a break neck speed as I did for Daxie due to dailies and randoms that I need to do on her.

I also plan on regularly burning off the rest XP of my lowbie alts, which currently consist of a lvl 28 shaman, a lvl 44 pally, and a lvl 14 rogue. An aside, why is it that there is no crafted plate healing gear until the Brilliant set in Wrath? Where do leveling healing pallies get their gear? Apart from snagging mail, leather, or cloth items, I mean...

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