Saturday, September 24, 2016


I was not prepared.

I was planning on going 25 miles, and I wouldn't have been prepared for that, but  I was even less prepared to go almost 29. I missed a turn somewhere south of Bargersville; the upside is that I found some hills.

The downside is...I hit those hills on the back end of the ride. But, if I want to drive, park, and ride, I know where to go now for some hill training. Or, if I want to do another long ride with hills. Or if I want to drive and look at hills. The possibilities are endless!

So, what's the plan? Well, I'm thinking of biking 4-5 times/week with a longer ride on Saturday. As I get faster, I'll work on extending my weekday rides further.

EDIT: Almost forgot the map link:

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