Monday, March 19, 2012

Half Marathon Training, Week 1, Day 1

This run is brought to you by "Pace alert free negative splits" and "Never give up." As all of you are well aware, I pass by my house every 1 to 2 miles for these training runs, and let me tell you it was mighty tempting to stop at the three mile mark!

But, I knew that I had to get in that last mile, but boy, I was really feeling the run. I thought that I went out too fast, but after looking at my times, I saw that it just felt fast.

That last mile, I thought (and felt like) I was rockin' 12 min miles; I kept telling myself, "Just keep running, just keep running, it doesn't matter how slow you are, just keep running. DON'T WALK!!!! DON'T STOP!!!! Just keep running." I told myself some other stuff, but I don't want to scare you all with the machinations of my internal processes. <.< >.>

Finally, if I thought 78 was hot, then 83 is scorching! I am really hoping for a nice spring here - 60's, low 70's - so far, I'm not seeing that. Last year it seemed like we went from winter straight to summer, and I hope that's not the case this year. Now, for non-running weather, it has been, as my late Nana used to say, GORGEOUS!

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Ro said...

That's why I don't run in the neighborhood. I'm too tempted to make pit stops.
So, can I make comments to comments on my blog? I didn't know if I could. My comment back to you about the frog: What else could he possibly be thinking?