Friday, March 27, 2015

A dead blog with dead blog links

Since dusting off the ole blog yesterday, I've noticed that my "one year of no posting gets you yanked from my blogroll" rule went right out the window.  Seems like not only did my blog (temporarily) die, but almost all the blogs I associated with also have...erm...suffered a lack of posting.

Yeah, suffered a lack of posting.  Sounds sufficiently sugar coated.

But, judging from their last postings, mine was the next to last to go silent, so I have that.  Also, since I've posted two days in a row, my blog is the freshest!  I'm not dead yet!

I'm still trying to process how to bring everyone up to speed, because I'm sure you all are dying to know!

Maybe a 207 part series with cliffhangers and "moments" (that would be the defining pinnacle of my blogging) would be just the ticket to climbing back on the blogging horse and reviving my musings.

Or, I could just post, "Did some stuff" and be done with it.

Probably somewhere in between.

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