Saturday, March 23, 2013

Race Report: Sam Costa Half Marathon

You know when I post the day of the race that I think I did pretty good, and you are correct in your assumption!  I am very happy with this race especially considering the rotten training that I had the past couple of weeks.

The day was cool (32 degrees at race start, 40 at the end) and cloudy.  I did something new this race; I wore the race tech shirt for the race.  I had on a long sleeve underarmour type shirt, so throwing the short sleeve tech shirt on didn't risk any chaffing or irritation due to being new.

My plan, which I carried out nearly perfect, was to set my pace alarms to keep me at my long run pace of 10:17.  I knew that I could complete the race at that pace and would have been somewhat happy with the result.  The change in pace at mile 7 was also part of the plan - "Make the 'too fast' pace alarm scream until the end."

That pace alarm was set to 9:57, and I was mostly successful in keeping it in constant alarm. You can see that each of my miles after the mid point of the race were under 10 min/mile.

Here are some interesting stats from the race: (you can look these up HERE. Bib #399)

7 mile split:  1:11:46
Pace at 7 miles: 10:16
Rank at 7 miles: 447

10 mile split:  1:41:15
Pace at 10 miles: 10:08
Rank at 10 miles:  441

Last 3.1 miles: 0:30:37
Pace for last 3.1 miles: 9:53
Rank for last 3.1 miles: 372 (meaning 372nd fastest last 3.1 miles)

Last 1.1 miles: 0:10:37
Pace for last 1.1 miles: 9:39
Rank for last 1.1 miles: 358

Net time: 2:11:52
Pace: 10:04

Overall: 423/522
Males: 271/311
M45-49: 30/34

Takeaways:  I beat 99 people, 4 of which were in my age group, 40 of which were guys.  This was a very competitive race as it was an Indy Runners' race, so there weren't many, if any, walkers in the half.  The midpoint time for my age group was around 1:45:00; that's pretty darn fast.

So, I'm very pleased with this race and am more motivated to get out there and train hard for the next 5 weeks for the 500 Festival Mini.

PS. Because I know my father-in-law will want to know: M65-69 winner's time was 1:33:21; 2nd place was 1:39:49.

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