Sunday, November 20, 2011

First time in OK

I'm posting this from Broken Arrow, OK. My wife and I are visiting her aunt and uncle (and cousins) that live here.

On our way here, we stopped by and visited our friends in Joplin, MO that we knew in Alaska - the Howards. If you watch Extreme Home Makeover, you might be familiar with their 7 houses in 7 days event in Joplin; our friends were one of the families that were blessed with one of their houses!

Kyle, Destroyer of Worlds, is a fireman in Joplin, and we really enjoyed spending time with him, his wife and their four kids (two of which we also knew in Alaska.) Yes, we got to see the house, but more importantly, we got to hear how God protected them during the tornado. I'm not sure if the EHM show will detail their story, but hopefully it does as it is amazing!

Oh, and I know what you're thinking: "With a title like 'Destroyer of Worlds', did Kyle cause the tornado?" Well, I'm 15% sure that he didn't purposely set it in motion - maybe even 15.5% sure. Now, if a butterfly's wings can spawn a hurricane, I'm sure that an errant sneeze or cough from a Destroyer of Worlds can wreak some damage.

I'm not sayin'...

I'm just sayin'.

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