Monday, August 22, 2011

How the blog decays

No real reason to post, well, there is, and I'll make a separate post about that, but things in this corner of the world are pretty much the same.

Well, except for a huge familial change, which is what that other post is going to be about.

You know what? I should just go write that other post first. brb.

Ok, you've probably already read the post that I'm talking about, now I can talk about more mundane things like...Warcrack!

Since the 12th, I have gotten some time in on the olde toons:

Daxynn the Pally is 84, picked up dual specs (FOR 10 GOLD!), and is leveling BS. Oh, and healing instances. Yes, I finally made the switch and picked up a Holy spec and am learning how to heal on a Pally at 84. Tanking was just too stressful.

I've had a couple of deaths, some wipes, and a number of OOM situations. I think I've settled down on a decent healing plan (Holy Shock, Holy Shock, Holy Shock, dump the holy power spell, Flash of Light as needed and Judge Insight every time I can.) By the third or fourth instance, I actually got complimented on my great healing. Yeah, I should have screenshotted it for proof.

Daxea the Priest is 78, finally got to 410 Tailoring to make Frostweave bags, and has equipped a number of Cata greens. I can now heal instances and occasionally out DPS some of the dedicated DPSers. That's fun!

My hunters both dinged 83 and have been working on their respective crafts. I burned off the rest XP for Daxeo the mage (24), Daxone the warrior (18), Daxxy the rogue (42 EDIT: actually 43...), and Daxenos the druid (58). The only alt that didn't get played was Vancomyacin the DK.

My immediate plans for my Pally are to gather up enough Volatile Earth to make the polearm for my two hunters, gather up enough metal to start buying BS recipes, and make the necessary armor for both my healing and tanking (solo) specs. I already have the Cata starter healing crafted set as well as everything but the chest piece for my tank spec. I'm pretty sure I won't complete all the quests in Deepholm before I hit 85.

My priest's tailoring stands at 413, and I would really like to get to Cata levels (425) by making Frostweave bags, but that takes a lot of cloth, so we'll see if I can collect enough Frostweave cloth to make that happen.

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