Monday, August 22, 2011

Empty nest is...empty

Last Wednesday, we dropped our youngest son off at USI in Evansville. We are now officially part time empty nesters.

And let me tell you...the house really does feel empty. You see, our youngest son is very quiet...some would say abnormally quiet, and I thought that there wouldn't be much of a change in the house with him off at college.

Boy was I wrong! It turns out that while he doesn't talk much, he does make noise- tapping at the keyboard, playing his video games, thumping down the stairs.

Then there's our noise directed at him: "Can you take out the trash?"; "DINNER!!"; (In response to what's for dinner, which he asked every day) "We're having X for dinner." And all the other little items that need communicating among household members concerning various chores.

For all of our time as a family (20+ years, 18 for T), we have always eaten dinner together as a family. None of this grab and go back to the video games, or snag and dash for the bedroom! We made dinner together a priority. Now, of course, there's a big empty chair where T used to sit.

I miss him. We both miss him, but I really do miss him more than I thought I would. And that's a good thing!

Parent weekend is Sept 24-25; I need to leave for a school in California on the 25th, but if we go down on the 23rd and leave by a decent time on the 24th, I should be all right. I think we'll be doing that.


joe said...

Where in CA is the school? I'll be in Monterrey starting in Jan

Rusty said...

Carlsbad, down by San Diego, and the school is in Sept, so we'd miss each other anyways.

BTW, are you in the AF yet??? You never answered me when I asked last time!

joe said...

I don't remember that question! I'll be going to basic on Oct 18th, should graduate on Dec 16th unless I have dates wrong.

Working on getting in shape now. I forgot how annoying exercising can be.