Thursday, June 26, 2014

Getting back on the wagon...again (part 3)

This is not a retropost.

So, all this week (since Monday), I have been in Phoenix.  Nice, warm, Phoenix. In late June.

Nice, warm...mmmmmm.

So far, I've seen 107 degrees F and at least 103 each day.  So, my efforts so far to jump back on the wagon have been on the treadmill.  Unfortunately, as I often do, I developed a twinge of shin splints after the second day.

I decided to just do some weightlifting yesterday to rest my shins, but I wanted to get back at it today.  Since I knew the treadmill would give me more aggravation, I decided to do something really crazy and run outside.

Now, I took a water bottle with me and mapped out a course that was a half mile circle around my hotel so I wouldn't be very far just in case I had some sort of emergency.  I ended up running the circle three times and walked it once for a total of 2 miles.  Oh, and the fact that I'm writing this is testament to the fact that I didn't die.  Yay on me.

Unfortunately for you all, I'm on a new laptop that I haven't loaded Excel on yet, so you'll have to do with the following.

Mile 1 - 10:37
Mile .5 - 5:17
Mile .5 walk

My shins feel great, the heat was very dry (which helped a whole lot), and I extended my exercising temperature upper limit to 103 degrees F.  I now have a total temperature range that I have exercised in to 119 degrees F (biked at -16 degrees F, ran at 103 degrees F).

Makes me feel like a man!

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